Alumni Objectives

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•    To develop and strengthen a feeling of fraternity and comradeship among the Alumni of College.

•    To foster the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship among the alumni of the University

•    To inculcate the values of the Alumni and their responsibility towards the society.

•    To act as a channel of communication for information related to the members’ general interest.

•    To form a link between its members, fresh graduates and Present students of Arya College and representatives of Industries, Associations etc.

•    To co operate with and / or affiliate with other associations engaged in similar work in India or in other countries.

•    To organize short duration courses of continuous education in various disciplines for the alumni / present students of the college.

•    To organize workshops, seminars, conferences etc. on matters of topical interest.

•    To set up and maintain an infra structure for the betterment of the college / its Alumni / its present students / libraries / information / services / placement cells.


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